Bundl is providing the first ever ecosystem that streamlines your project deployment with a user-friendly interface and versatile tools, featuring Advanced Smart Contract Creation, Bundling, Spot Auctioning and Spot Lottery.

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Manage Your

Project Launch

Utilize our revolutionary tools like Spot Auction and Lottery tools to enhance your launch, improve fairness and increase supply distribution. Let Bundl help you ensure early blocks of your launch go to eager investors rather than malicious snipers.



earn your stake of revenue share by staking $BUNDL.


Buy 5% / Sell 5%

Revenue Share

Service fees for each token launched on Ethereum through the Bundl platform include a flat rate of 0.2 ETH and 0.5% of the token's total supply. 

Service Fees

75% of the ETH collected from our service fees are allocated to a revenue-sharing pool for Bundl holders. The 0.5% of token supply from Bundl launches is dedicated to supporting airdrop campaigns and marketing activities, benefiting both Bundl and the individual token launched on the platform.